The Australian Small Winemakers Show is run by a dedicated group of volunteers from all walks of life. They are all interested in the promotion of the Queensland Wine industry and the appreciation of Queensland wines.

The Committee wish to thank the many partners and helpers that generously volunteer and give their time to assist the committee to run and plan the Australian Small Winemakers Show each year, without their efforts the show would not be the success that it always is.

John Lucas

Position: President
Years: 2014-

President of the Australian Small Winemakers Show and Chairman of the Wine sub Committee of the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society. This is Johns first year, and so far we are off to a wonderful start...


Paul Reid

Position: Secretary
Years: 2004-

Retired airline man… spent his time around the Pacific Rim and on a few of the Pacific Islands. Knows absolutely nothing about wine - except the pleasure of drinking it.

...back on song for the 2016 show.

Michael Britten

Position: Chief Steward
Years: 2015-

Andy Williams

Position: Past President
Years: 2011-2014

Andy Williams was a highly commended law enforcement officer in Queensland for two decades, who made a life decision to stop chasing villains and to start chasing his passion for wine. His love for wine and winemaking is reflected in his dedication as professional Contract Winemaker who lives and works in the Granite Belt Wine Region.


Leanne Williams

Position: Treasurer
Years: 2014-

Warren Smith

Bill Humble

Anthony Rametta

Ian Henderson

Vic Pennisi

Bobbie Moore

David McCarthy

Ben Marcus

John Kelly

Hannah Jordan

Michael Gooding

Sam Costanzo

Ray Costanzo

Michelle Coelli

Mandy Cattarin

Rebecca Buchanan

Grant Casley

Edward Carroll

Matthew Brown

Tony Heading

Tom Battle

Robert Moore

Rick Humphries

Larry Anderson

Jim Ellway

Jenny Kent

Heinz Buscher

Gloria Marsden

Geoffery Marsden

Elaine Winks

David Oag

Connie Puglisi

Christine Sayer

Ann Bourke

Ray Palmer

Peggy Channon

Graham Reilly

Peter McGlashan

Sam Puglisi

Preben Jacobsen

Luke Hilton

Jim Armstrong

Douglas Kent

Craig Robinson

Calvin Winks

Angelo Puglisi

Andy Jordan

Wayne Liebelt

Lyn Liebelt

And Many More...

Some names may have been omitted in error